navaltechNavaltek Ltd. is a trusted global supplier of state-of-the-art hoisting and moving appliance solutions for the marine industry. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering turnkey projects to our customers.

Our solutions are best known for high quality, excellent functionality, and safety. In addition to our wide range of products, we also provide modernization and overhaul services to lenghten the life-cycle of your existing equipment.


Navaltek Ltd. is part of Carinafour Corporation.


Glass Structures

navaltech macrodome


Our offering includes both new tailor-made macrodomes for unique customer requirements and life-cycle services for other suppliers’ macrodomes.

Our upgrade services can considerably extend the life-cycle of existing macrodomes. We can offer you a solution that will significantly increase the safety level of your existing macrodome to meet today’s requirements and standards, not forgetting improving the operator’s user experience as well.

When considering macrodomes, we are well-known for our expertise and rapid response time to our customers’ urgent repair needs.

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Operator – OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)
E-address – 003722051482


Hannu Töykkälä
Mobile: +358 50 400 4460
e-mail: hannu.toykkala[at]

Juhani Vuorinen
Mechanical Designer
Mobile: +358 50 409 7724
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Otto Salonen
Sales Manager
Mobile: +358 40 549 8002
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Navaltek is your trusted service partner for tailor-made solutions and advanced technologies.